Glamping, or "glamorous camping“, appears to be just another type of luxurious accommodation. In fact, there is much more about that. The concept of glamping aims to combine the comfort and amenity of hotels with the experience of staying in pure nature. Accommodation of this particular type can be found all over the world. The origin of the phenomena roots back in the era of colonialism of the African continent. Wealthy Europeans enjoyed traveling to Africa to watch the wild nature and animals, but they did not like the idea of leaving their comfy bed and chief cook. No wonder that the most luxurious places for galmping can be found in South Africa, Namibia or Botswana.

But glamping isn't only a domain of exotic countries. There are some glamping spots to be enjoyed also in the Czech Republic, and what our facilities lack in luxury is balanced in the unique atmosphere and environment. In this articel, we put together 3 facilities that caught our eye.

Dobčické rybníčky (Dobčice Ponds)

Five kilometres from Holašovice in South Bohemia you can visit this glam site. Not that it is the most luxurious we've ever seen, but it does have its undeniable charm. It is a complex of 3 little cottages right at the South Bohemian ponds. There are two cottages built on oak pilots (called Verunka and Madlenka) surrounded by water, and another one (called Amálka) constructed in the trees that rises 4 metres above ground.

Being accommodated in Verunka cottage, you can also use your own wooden-raft or little boat to reach an island with grill.

Madlenka and Amálka cottages that are located on other pond than Verunka also provide the possibility to raft to a private island, where you will find a stylish sauna throughout the whole year. 


Sleeping in the hay

For those who seek for the true romantic experience, we recommend to try sleeping in the hay, or more precisely in the straw, that has better isolating attributes and is overall more suitable for such concept. This stylish little house will totally remind you of "The Tree Little Pigs" story. You can find this place in Krkonoše mountains, surrounded by excuisite countryside. And if you think the romance of this place is still not enough, you will change your mind when you find out that the ceiling is partially made of glass so you can enjoy watching stars at night.


Tree House, Green Valley

The Tree house in Green Valley resort was built with a respect to the environment so that it does not harm the trees that are part of the construction. It raises 9 meter above the ground. In the house you will find blankets, bedlinen, some dishes and of course - candles. You can look forward to a breakfast basket everyday. The Tree House does not dispose of electricity, nor water pipeage, but that's exactly what you need if you are seeking for a place to really unwind and feel the nature.


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